Data Recovery

Data Recovery

“It’s not a question of if your hard drive will fail, but when it’s going to fail.”

ProTech Data is experienced in salvaging important data from damaged, failed, or inaccessible media. The most common issue involves operating system (OS) failure due to physical or logical damage. Our experts will retrieve your business records and our backup service can ensure you’ll never have this problem again.

We offer:

  • Physical damage data recovery
  • Hardware repair
  • Disk imaging
  • Logical damage data recovery
  • Logical data loss prevention
  • Consisting checking
  • Data carving
  • Overwritten data recovery
  • Software recovery
  • Imaging tools
  • File recovery
  • and much more!

Please contact us or call (630) 430-8090 to speak to a representative about your business technology needs.


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