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WiFi – Wireless Networking and Access Point Installation

Whether you are in need of a WiFi Network for your Office or Home Office or want to provide public wireless access to business customers while preventing unwanted access to your company network, ProTech Data has the experience to get the job done.

ProTech Data has performed Wireless Network Installations in large warehouse buildings with multiple WiFi access points, WiFi customer convenience implementations for retail locations and automotive dealerships, WiFi enabled gateway router installations for residential use, and more.

Problems Affecting with your WiFi network?

  • Considering implementing Wireless but worry about Security Issues?
  • Are computers having trouble staying connected to your WiFi network?
  • Having connection or speed problems?
  • Do you need help planning your wireless installation?
  • Is my wireless not strong enough or secure enough?
  • Does your WiFi fail to meet the stability, security, and reliability that your business needs
  • Are you moving your business to a new office and need a network up fast?

Business Reliability of WiFi Network Services:

Maintaining a secure wireless network for a business environment can be a challenge because of the amount of variables involved:

  • Many Business require segregated hotspot zones for various areas
  • Meet Security compliance standards for your WiFi Business network ‘Public networks’ have restricted access
  • Employees have secure access to internal WiFi network
  • On-going configuration and management
  • The need to maintain a robust reliable & secure wireless networks

ProTech Data can deliver reliable wireless solutions both in and outside your office

Imagine being able to roam anywhere and have the same experience that you have sitting at your desk. Small Business wireless networking has never been made easier.

Deployment of a wireless network requires careful planning. Business requirements and objectives need to be evaluated and a site survey to determine possible sources of interference. WiFi Networks can be tricky to implement in high interference areas, be incompatible with existing equipment and can open up security risks.

WLANs are best used in addition to, rather than a replacement to wired networks. Our engineers will assure proper planning when designing and implementing your wireless network. The complexity of your network will vary depending on the obstacles within and the size of your facility.

ProTech Data Network Consulting Service includes:

  • Wireless Access Point Installation and Setup
  • Detection of Rogue Access Points
  • Wireless Spectrum Analysis
  • Configuration Management
  • Filter Access by MAC Address}
  • Set Up a Wireless Network Connection
  • Identify Problems with Access Points
  • Solve Incorrect Channel Settings
  • Problems with Authentication and Encryption
  • Wireless Network Security
  • Wireless Access Point Location
  • Assessing WLAN Security
  • Develop a Secure WLAN Solution
  • Deployment and Management
  • SMB Security Guidance
  • Wireless Router Configuration
  • Wireless Antenna Placement
  • Campus Wide Wireless
  • Wireless to Wired LAN
  • Wireless Encryption
  • Wireless Access Control
  • Wireless Hotspot Configuration

ProTech Data Wireless WiFi Equipment Installation

ProTech Data has experience deploying high performance wireless networks in Small and Medium sized business. We have implemented many wireless solutions using familiar hardware platforms such as:

  • Cisco
  • Trapeze/Juniper
  • EnGenius
  • Motorola
  • Linksys
  • Avaya
  • SonicWALL
  • WatchGuard
  • Netgear

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