Managed Email Archiving & Retention


Managed Email Archiving & Retention

The volume of email created by organizations daily is staggering amount of information. Messages need to be properly stored, backed up, and accessible as needed. Safely archiving emails is a must-have today for regulatory compliance, business continuity, to decrease storage needs and reduce backup size and boost server performance .

ProTech Data’s Email Archival Solution makes it easy for you to archive all inbound and outbound messages and provide a complete and cost-effective storage solution. You can choose to archive email messages that are sent, received, or both. It automatically stores a copy of the email on our highly redundant and secure servers.

Transfer emails off internal servers dramatically reducing your physical storage requirements, while still enabling unlimited message access. Near real-time search functionality allows search everything from sender, to recipient, header, subject, and attachment, date range, or message size.

Our solution allows searching for a group of or a specific messages to meet organizational, regulatory, or individual user requests, while providing a secure access to all messages available 24×7. You always-available, easy-to-use solution to protect your most critical communications.

Managed Email Archival Services

We provide a wide range of services, including but not limited to:

  • Near real-time search
  • Unlimited, cloud-based storage
  • Hardware Archival available on premise
  • Meet Regulatory Compliance Standards with HIPAA, SEC/FINRA, IRS Circular 230, Gramm-Leach-Bliley Act, and others
  • Eased administration through Web-based interface
  • Seamless access to messages when and where needed
  • A comprehensive archiving solution without additional hardware / software investments
  • Ensure compliance with industry regulations for archiving emails
  • Allow users to search and retrieve their own emails
  • Quickly retrieve emails upon court order
  • Recover an accidentally or purposely deleted emails
  • Decrease storage needs and boost email server performance
  • No More locally kept Archived PST files
  • ProTech Data’s Managed Email Archiving
  • Tamperproof, read-only storage
  • ‘Drag and drop’ between the archive and Outlook
  • Personal folder structures presented in our secure webmail interface
  • Support for compliance requirements for archiving email
  • Messages indexed by content and attachments
  • Complete data protection through transport and storage encryption
  • Reduced costs to store email
  • A lighter load for your Exchange server
  • Greater productivity with staff able to access archived email in real-time
  • No more user deletion or employees hoarding emails in PSTs
  • Your business need never risk losing important data due to server, storage, budgetary, or mailbox constraints.
  • Endless mailboxes storage for end users
  • Personal email archive access from MS Outlook
  • Personal email archive access through Mobile devices
  • eDiscovery, Message Archival, email Archiving

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